Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Stuffing the Run

Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Stuffing the Run
Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Stuffing the Run
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Product Description

  • Force your opponent's offense to become one dimensional
  • Get detailed explanations of two types of eight-man fronts
  • See scrimmage footage that shows the defense in action
  • Bonus PDF includes detailed player responsibilities and diagrams
with Chris Ash,
Rutgers University Head Coach;
former University of Wisconsin Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach;
2010 Big Ten Co-champions

One of primary objectives of the 4-3 Defense is to stop the run. In this DVD, Chris Ash expands on concepts and player responsibilities to accomplish this objective. He includes nine crucial elements you need to emphasize to stop the run.

Ash teaches two types of eight-man fronts in great detail.

  • Cover 3: A three-deep, four-under zone coverage with safeties rotating to the strong side. It allows you to outnumber your opponent in the box at the point of attack and is adjustable so it can be used against any personnel or formation.
  • Tight Gray: A man free coverage that is ideal for stopping the run. Tight man-to-man coverage with a low hole and deep middle help.
For each front, Ash starts by showing diagrams of the basic fronts versus common offensive formations (lead weak, iso strong, power strong, etc.). He details alignments and responsibilities for linemen, linebackers and the secondary and uses animated diagrams to show how the defense reacts to different types of run plays. He wraps up the discussion of each front by showing several of these run fits in scrimmage footage.

This DVD includes a bonus PDF that can accessed on your computer and printed for your personal use when implementing this defense. This PDF includes all player responsibilities and diagrams discussed and shown in the video.

75 minutes. 2011.

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