Advanced Stunts, Vol. 10

Advanced Stunts, Vol. 10
Advanced Stunts, Vol. 10
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Product Description

  • Learn advanced cheerleading stunts
  • 9 Advanced stunts with transitions
  • Complete and detailed instruction and demonstrations
with Mark Bagon, former Iowa State University cheerleader and two-time collegiate All-American;
owner and coach at the Iowa All Stars competitive cheer gyms. He has choreographed numerous State, National, and All Star 1st Place Championship routines.

In this advanced stunts DVD, cheer coach Mark Bagon takes you through nine advanced stunts. Included are: splits to extension, splits to liberty, splits show and go to liberty, Arabesque, full down, single base toss liberty, heel stretch lean heel stretch, heal stretch lean to the cyclone, the half and half, and backhand spring up to prep. Coach Bagon details the coaching techniques as his performers demonstrate the stunt.

21 minutes. 2008.

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