Advanced Skill Development for Post Players

Advanced Skill Development for Post Players
Advanced Skill Development for Post Players
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  • Develop your post players' game on the block and off the block
  • Teach your "bigs" to score using a hard to guard move - the jump hook
  • Learn two dominant offensive moves that are incredibly difficult to defend
  • Learn hand-eye coordination drills to develop your post players' ability to catch and score around the rim
with Danny Manning, Wake Forest University Head Coach;
2017 Skip Prosser Man of the Year award ;
former University of Tulsa Head Coach; 2014 Conference USA Champions, 2014 Conference USA Coach of the Year;
distinguished member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame (2008); former University of Kansas Assistant Coach under Bill Self, 2x NCAA Champion (coach and player),
NABC Player of the Year; No. 1 overall pick in the 1988 NBA Draft; 2x NBA All Star; 1998 NBA Sixth Man of the Year; member of the 1988 U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball Team (Bronze Medal)

Learn how to dominate in the post from Danny Manning, one of the greatest post players in NCAA basketball history. Coach Manning shares a series of advanced development drills for post players that cover hand-eye coordination, cardio, on-the-block and off-the-block moves.

Coach Manning begins the workout with a breakdown of a fundamental but almost indefensible moveā€”the jump hook shot. Through five phases, Coach Manning uses this potent move to create easy scoring opportunities. From working in the half-court to full-court sprint and seal, post players learn the proper footwork needed to create scoring opportunities on the best post defender. Coach Manning uses 1v0 and 1v2 drills to teach his post players how to read the defense and score in any situation. Finally, he adds some cardio to the move as well as a run-and-seal action to initiate it.

Moving to the block, players learn the skills they need to master the art of the shot fake. Coach Manning emphasizes the shot fake with every move to create an advantage and the old-fashioned three-point play as your offense dominates the inside. In his "double chop drill," post players learn to create separation by attacking the hip of their defender.

As the video progresses, Coach Manning moves his post players off the block. He uses jab steps, cradle dribbles, cheat steps and crossover attacks so that players can quickly read the defense and be aware of the defense around them. You'll learn nine post moves that players can master off the block. He teaches you how to build your players slowly so they can master footwork and technique before developing bad habits in a fast-paced game.

Every post player takes time to develop. Coach Manning throws in seven different hand-eye coordination drills to help develop your players' hands. Using a variety of equipment like medicine balls and tennis balls, he puts his players through a dynamic workout to strengthen their skill.

As Kansas's all-time leading scorer, Danny Manning scored at will around the rim. He uses his knowledge and experience as a post player to teach all aspects of the post game. This video is a must-have in every coach's knowledge library - from high school to college to professional level.

45 minutes. 2014.

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