Advanced Secondary Coverages for the 3-5-3

Advanced Secondary Coverages for the 3-5-3
Advanced Secondary Coverages for the 3-5-3
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with Rob Manchester, Georgia Military College Defensive Backs Coach

Georgia Military's 3-5-3 defense has allowed the Bulldogs to become one of the premier NJCAA football programs. Since 2001, GMC's defense has finished the season ranked number three or higher in total defense. By playing 95% man-to-man coverage and using a combination of various blitzes to pressure the quarterback, GMC has allowed fewer than 130 passing yards per game since switching to the 3-5-3. Over that time period they have picked off 70 passes and won an NJCAA national championship were the runner-up the next year. In this DVD, Coach Manchester details nine different coverages to combat any passing situation. Manchester provides overviews and various checks for all nine coverage formations. Each coverage also includes four possible adjustments, techniques for covering motion, and an effective blitz package. This DVD builds on Manchester's previous 3-5-3 secondary play DVDs.

61 minutes. 2005.

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