Advanced Hitting Techniques

Advanced Hitting Techniques
Advanced Hitting Techniques
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Product Description

  • Take your swing to the next level with USA National Team Hitting Coach Gordon Eakin
  • Get drills to sync the upper and lower body for a consistent and powerful swing
  • Learn vision drills in each practice to better see the location and speed of the ball
  • Understand the importance of bat lag to get on plane with the pitch with power and extension
with Gordon Eakin, BYU Head Coach;
former USA National Team Hitting Coach;
3x MWC Coach of the Year (2009-11); has led BYU to six conference championship titles; over 400 career victories; in 10 years as head coach, Eakin has guided BYU to the top-10 nationally six times in slugging percentage, six times in home runs per game, four times in batting average and four times in scoring;

Mastering the basic mechanics of the swing is not easy. But once a hitter has conquered the basics, what does it take to get to the next level? Gordon Eakin answers that question in this DVD on advanced hitting.

Mental Side of Hitting
Discover how pregame preparation and how getting into a good, positive mindset can improve your hitting. Likewise, Eakin discusses how you can prepare and plan for each at bat. Do you understand your strengths and weaknesses as a htiter? Do you know the pitcher's strengths and weaknesses? What is the game situation—outs, the count, etc.? A plan will help a hitter approach each at-bat focused and looking for specific pitches.

The Advanced Swing
Eakin discusses and demonstrates pre-swing mechanics and explains the swing from the ground up. This is important information for a hitter as they need to understand the swing in order to execute it well. Eakin also shows video of a few of his players hitting to provide a visual of what a fundamentally sound swing looks like.

Learn four drills you can use to get your swing in sync. The swing is comprised of movements of both the upper and lower body. These drills teach your hitters how to sync up the swing with the lower and upper body from the ground up for a consistent and powerful swing.

Vision and Timing
In order to hit the ball, a batter must be able to see it. Coach Eakin talks about the importance of getting into a good balanced position to see the ball well. He also explains four visual drills he uses with his team to sharpen focus and see the ball better. Timing is crucial to successful hitting. Pitchers are constantly trying to disrupt a hitter's timing. Eakin explains four methods he uses to work on timing.

Making Adjustments
At the advanced levels of hitting, batters must make adjustments from pitch to pitch to be successful hitters. Coach Eakin explains what he means by making adjustments, and gives some practical advice to hitters about how to make those adjustments. Eakin also explains a drill he uses with his hitters to work on adjustments.

Advanced hitting is more than mechanics. Once a hitter has mastered the basic swing mechanics, the information in this DVD will take them to the next level. Coach Eakin can help any hitter make the transition to becoming an advanced hitter.

52 minutes. 2013.

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