Advanced Handling and Extension Diving for Goalkeepers

Advanced Handling and Extension Diving for Goalkeepers
Advanced Handling and Extension Diving for Goalkeepers
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Product Description

  • Learn advanced ball-handling drills that enhance catching and holding shots on goal
  • Discover ways to develop quickness, agility and reaction time in goalkeepers
  • Create awareness and recovery to defend against the rebound shot
with Jason Hamilton, Troy University Head Women's Soccer Coach;
former University of Florida Assistant Coach/Goalkeepers, former assistant coach with the Boston Breakers of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL)

Goalkeepers who can make tough saves can be the difference between winning a game and losing it. Coach Hamilton shows you how to design training sessions for goalkeepers that maximize their goal coverage and give them an edge in making a reaction save when the time comes.

Former University of Florida Assistant Coach Jason Hamilton covers all of the coaching points for each drill before he starts each session. Using practice footage, he demonstrates how to develop the drills that build confidence as well as fitness and skill levels in goalkeepers as they prepare to handle difficult shots. Key coaching points include:

  • Using drills to develop advanced ball-handling skills
  • Improving reaction time on point blank shots
  • Teaching goalkeepers to dive through the ball when making a save
  • Creating games to simulate game-day situations
  • Challenging the shooter to force a wide or early shot

Coach Hamilton puts his keepers through their paces as he implements drills for warm-ups, drills to improve techniques, and games apply those skills at full speed. The goalkeepers demonstrate how to improve handling through rebounds, reactions, and challenging the shooter. They also demonstrate drills to improve extension diving, stretching your range out past the goal posts.

Before each training segment, Coach Hamilton breaks down the drills and clearly explains the purpose for each one. This video also includes several competitive games that can be used with goalkeepers to reinforce and apply the drills.

This is an excellent video for coaches of advanced players who already have some experience at the goalkeeper position.

86 minutes. 2014.

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