Advanced Dribble Drive Motion: Sets and Entries to Improve Your Dribble Drive Offense vs Man or Zone

Advanced Dribble Drive Motion: Sets and Entries to Improve Your Dribble Drive Offense vs Man or Zone
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Product Description

A smorgasbord of simple entries and sets to create gaps for drivers, create scoring opportunities for all five players and to practice special situations you may run into during a game

  • Over 30 set plays and entries designed to help your dribble drive (or any offense) score against man or zone
  • Special plays including: false motions, isolations, ball screens sets, special backdoors, and sets against zone defense.
  • Expand your Dribble Drive Offense with these great scoring sets & create scoring opportunities for all five players (and, will work seamlessly with any offense)

with Kurt Guelsdorf,
former Oregon City High School (OR) Girl's Head Coach;
450+ career wins;
3x State Championships ('04, '09, '14)

Long-time head coach Kurt Guelsdorf has always worked to put his players in the best possible situation to be successful. Over the years, he has learned and studied some of the best coaches in today's game, including innovator/founder of the dribble drive motion offense, Vance Walberg.

In this video, Coach Guelsdorf demonstrates numerous sets and entries that are simple and easy to implement with your team within the dribble drive offense.

Coaching Points

Starting with basic alignments, Guelsdorf sets up the dribble drive motion offense, making sure you understand where to look for open driving gaps and lanes. Within the offense, he shows how to properly space out your players in order to maximize driving angles. As your team swings the ball from side to side, you will create more open gap opportunities and be able to use the backdoor option as your players attack the middle of the floor.

False Motion and Isolation

In seven different sets and entries, Guelsdorf demonstrates and explains the importance of false action as a way to set up the defense and create scoring opportunities for your best players. In Rocket, he uses a series of loop cuts as the ball is swung around the perimeter to create an open driving gap from the wing to set up a pitch back to your shooting guard. This opens a great scoring opportunity for a shot or easy drive to the rim.

In his isolation sets, Guelsdorf overloads one side of the floor to open up space for your best player to operate. You can even utilize your post players in an isolation play using various cuts, giving your best post player room in the paint.

3-Point Specials

Next, you'll get various 3-point special plays that will provide your best shooter an open look from anywhere using ball screen-flare screen action off a drive. These are great sets for you to use at the end of the quarter, after a timeout, or if you need a last-second buzzer beater!

Box Sets and BLOBS

Rounding out this advanced look at the dribble drive motion offense, Guelsdorf includes box sets and baseline out of bounds sets that flow right into your dribble drive motion offense. Using some of the same concepts as you overload one side of the floor, you can use mismatches to your advantage and open driving gaps for your best players.

Coach Guelsdorf gives you a detailed look at how you can improve your dribble drive motion offense using simple sets and entries that flow right into dribble drive action. Whether you're looking for another set to create a scoring opportunity or more actions to get the ball moving in your offense, you'll get it all, and more, in this video!

67 minutes. 2018.

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