Advanced Basketball Drills for Women: Wing

Advanced Basketball Drills for Women: Wing
Advanced Basketball Drills for Women: Wing
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Product Description

  • Know exactly what you need to do to take your skill set to the next level
  • Learn to score off the dribble and off of the catch
  • Over 20 drills and variations designed to become an elite offensive player and lock-down defender
with Steph Wood,
Founder and Director of The Stronger Woman;
former Lead Trainer with Ganon Baker Basketball;

featuring Lori Drake; former University of North Carolina Wilmington player, CAA All-Conference player (2007);
Certified Skill Development Trainer/ with Ganon Baker Basketball

Basketball trainer Steph Wood leads a group of former college and professional players through technique and drill training that will transform your game both physically and mentally.

The Standards
Wood highlights 10 standards that a wing guard must be able to properly execute in order to take your skills to the next level:

  • Be able to execute the five angles of the ball screen
  • Effectively feed, cut, and play off the post
  • Shoot 35-45% from the 3-point line during games; 60-70% in practice
  • Have two separation moves off the dribble and off the triple-threat position with counters to each of them
  • Read the defense off of a down screen or pin down screen
  • Make open shots from 15-19 feet at 70-80%
  • Score in transition
  • Be a great perimeter defender and contain defensive penetration
  • Be in great shape both mentally and physically
  • Finish around the rim with secondary moves

Offensive Drills
Wood teaches drills designed to build on your repertoire of moves and your ability to attack the defense. These drills are demonstrated using both chairs and cones at game speed to replicate practical situations. With an array of shooting drills off the catch, off of screens, and in transition, Steph Wood covers it all.

Defensive Drills
Wood and Drake show you defensive drills that can be used in both individual workouts and during practices. They reinforce technique of staying low, having your hands up, and most importantly communicating at all times throughout each drill.

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43 Minutes. 2011.

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