AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Set Ups, Takedowns and Finishes

AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Set Ups, Takedowns and Finishes
AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Set Ups, Takedowns and Finishes
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Product Description

  • Master drills that will help you develop foot speed and the precise motor skills to execute takedowns
  • Learn how to secure a 2-on-1 and score five different takedowns from the 2-on-1
  • Ankle pick to both sides enabling you to attack both sides of the body and change off to singles or doubles
  • Features 2004 Olympian and 2009 FILA Junior Freestyle World Championship Head Coach Eric Guererro
with Eric Guerrero,
Oklahoma Regional Training Center Head Coach;
former Oklahoma State University Associate Head Coach;
Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2014);
3x NCAA Champ at Oklahoma St. (4x All American);
2004 Olympian; 2003 World Cup Champion;
2x USA FILA junior world freestyle champion;
head coach for the USA at the 2009 FILA Junior Freestyle World Championships

Get a comprehensive catalog of takedowns, including single leg, double leg, duck under, ankle pick, and 2-on-1 from three-time NCAA Champion Eric Guerrero. Coach Guerrero is known throughout the world for his dominant wrestling style from his feet. In this video, he gives you the secrets to what it takes to be fast and dominant on your feet.

Coach Guerrero starts with the essential motor skills needed to perform effective takedowns and works backwards from penetration to finishes and to set-ups. Throughout this video, Guerrero emphasizes the importance basic motor skills (introduced in the beginning of this video) as he demonstrates his proven techniques.

Motor Skills
Wrestlers foot speed and agility are skills developed from lots of repetition. Coach Guerrero starts by showing four skills and two drills that help develop foot speed and develop excellent wrestling position. These skills and drills reinforce essential motor skills that every wrestler needs to know in order to execute successful takedowns.

If a wrestler has a great penetration step and great finish, he will score. Coach Guerrero introduces you to a couple drills that can be used to develop the finer points of effective penetration to stay in good position when you attack the legs.

No takedown is ever scored from a great set-up and great penetration. Takedowns are scored only after a great finish and that is why Coach Guerrero starts with finishes early in this video and emphasizes the little things that will help you finish your takedowns. He'll show you how to finish with the front headlock series, which gives you the chance to finish in any situation your opponent tries to defend. Guerrero delivers several drills to help you finish a takedown - even from a bad position.

Set-ups and Takedowns
See all of the basic leg attacks you need to develop into a great wrestler. Guerrero demonstrates the best possible set-ups for each takedown and gives you drills to use to make them effective. The 2-on-1, a very effective but often overlooked move in youth wrestling, is covered in detail. The 2-on-1 is a great way to handle an opponent who tries to avoid contact. You'll also see how to set up your takedowns with inside control, wrist control and collar ties. Chaining your setups will allow you to stay one step ahead of your opponent, keeping him off balance, and giving you an easier penetration into your attack.

Coach Guerrero also gives you every imaginable scenario encountered when performing takedowns and how you can finish. These drills will make you the ultimate chain wrestler!

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

68 minutes. 2013.

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