AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Counter Offense

AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Counter Offense
AAU Wrestling Skills Series: Counter Offense
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  • Learn to defend double and single leg attacks from the ground and in the air
  • Discover three ways to effectively defend the high crotch
  • Get drills that will help you learn to fight off of your back
  • Learn to counter a double leg takedown when it's too late to sprawl
  • Features 2003 World Cup Champion and Oklahoma State Head Assistant Coach Eric Guerrero
with Eric Guerrero,
Oklahoma Regional Training Center Head Coach;
former Oklahoma State University Associate Head Coach;
Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2014);
3x NCAA Champ at Oklahoma St. (4x All American);
2004 Olympian; 2003 World Cup Champion;
2x USA FILA junior world freestyle champion;
head coach for the USA at the 2009 FILA Junior Freestyle World Championships

Defense is the cornerstone to excellent wrestling.

Eric Guerrero is known throughout the world for his dominate wrestling style from his feet. As a World Cup Champion and 3x NCAA Champion, he knows how important defense is and how it can be used not only to stop your opponent, but also create opportunities for you to score.

In this video, Guerrero shows you how to develop a defense from your feet that will help give even novice wrestlers a chance to beat more advanced opponents. He shows eight different skills and drills that are essential for any wrestler.

Head position is your first line of defense and a great way to create counter offense. You'll see a variety of drills that demonstrate how effective head position can be in defending against leg attacks and how it can create counter offensive opportunities. You will learn four drills that emphasize head and body positioning.

Coach Guerrero provides a variety of techniques that can be used to defend common scenarios and create counter attacks. He also demonstrates drills to help train these techniques.

  • From the knees - Learn to score using a variety of methods from headlocks to go-behinds.
  • From the mat - Opponent has your leg? Check out these defensive techniques.
  • Leg in the air - With one leg in the air or both legs wrapped in a double, your opponent might think he has you. That's when you score!
You'll learn excellent, but rarely demonstrated defensive counter moves that result in scoring. The barrel-roll double leg counter, high-chest step around when you are locked around your opponent's chest, and a single-in-the-air counter which results in a 5-point score.

Defense on your feet is key in wrestling. You cannot become a dominate wrestler if you can't stop your opponent from scoring. These techniques will allow you to create more opportunities and a variety of ways to score.

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

41minutes. 2013.

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