AAU Volleyball Skill Progressions: Libero

AAU Volleyball Skill Progressions: Libero
AAU Volleyball Skill Progressions: Libero
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Product Description

  • Learn the role and skills needed to be an effective libero - whether you're a parent, player or coach
  • Extend your range and effectively dig balls that are hit hard in front you, to the side, and over your head
  • See how 2011 Volleyball Magazine Coach of the Year Kevin Hambly teaches and perfects this skill set with advanced players and inexperienced younger players

with Kevin Hambly,
Stanford University Head Coach;
2018 NCAA National Champions!;
2018 Pac-12 Volleyball Coach of the Year,
2018 AVCA Pacific North Region Coach of the Year;
former University of Illinois Head Coach;
2011 NCAA Runners-up; 2011 Volleyball Magazine Coach of the Year

This is the ultimate tool for any coach looking to train a player to be a libero. Kevin Hambly has created the perfect video to teach the role and skills of the libero to coaches, parents and athletes. Coach Hambly breaks down the role of the libero, explaining the importance of footwork, using your center of gravity, making a correct platform, moving around the court and keeping your distance from the net.

He starts by explaining the "go posture" and the importance of the athlete starting in this stance. He progresses them into moving side to side, catching the ball and then bumping it. He shows a proper platform and then shows how to correct the younger players. He moves on to the skills of digging, overhand digging, passing and setting. Hambly provides various tips for liberos and goes through several advanced but critical skills:

  • Double Down Dig
  • Shin Dig
  • Overhand Dig
  • Set

Coach Hambly talks about coverage, the role of the libero on a team, and how to identify the best player for the libero position. He covers every aspect of being a libero in easy to understand segments that are easy to understand and master.

As he moves from skill to skill, Coach Hambly has his experienced players show how it is done and then he brings in younger players who are being taught the skills for the first time. He actually teaches these young players on the spot and then shows how to correct some parts of the movements with them until they are doing everything correctly. Time and again Coach Hambly emphasizes that coaches teaching skills should allow for singular focus during drills and players wanting to achieve advanced skill levels must put in the time to get the high number of reps to reach their goal.

This video will help you identify a player in your system who would best fit the libero role and it gives you all the skills to train her/him properly.

75 minutes. 2013.

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