AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Planning for Developing Wrestlers

AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Planning for Developing Wrestlers
AAU Coaching Wrestling Series: Practice Planning for Developing Wrestlers
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Product Description

  • Learn how to peak your wrestlers before competition and at the end of the season
  • Develop practice plans that are appropriate in length and intensity level for your team
  • Integrate a variety of warm-up, combat, and post combat workouts into your practices
  • Learn how to adjust the level of live combat in your practices as the season progresses
with Greg Strobel, Distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2012);
former Lehigh University Head Coach; USA Wrestling's 2010 Man of the Year; '03-'04 NWCA National Coach of the Year; 4x EIWA Coach of the Year; 2000 US Olympic Team Coach; 2x NCAA Champions (and 3x All American) at Oregon State

Get help developing a multitude of practice plans that will maximize your wrestler's performance on the mat.

Hall of Fame Coach Greg Strobel is a leader in coaching education. In this video, Coach Strobel shares many insights from his illustrious career that will provide you with a foundation on which to plan your practices. His discussion covers a wide range of topics including practice length, intensity, and the three main aspects of wrestling.

Identifying your core philosophy will help you to plan your practices (and your program) around what you believe is most important. Coach Strobel emphasizes how your core philosophy drives not only how you run a practice, but what you want your athletes to get out of it. He believes that having fun is extremely important and that you don't have to break an athlete in order to get a top performance from them.

Coach Strobel is a master at making a practice plan and laying it out in easy to digest bite-sized pieces that can be combined in multiple variations for an unending supply of practices. He then talks about five areas to consider when developing practices: length of practice, intensity of practice, three principles of planning (technical skill, athletic skill, and fitness level), week at a glance, and peaking.

Strobel then reveals several of his trademark workouts:

  • Pre-Combat Options - Five different combinations of Warm-up and Drilling.
  • Combat Options - 11 different combinations of types of live wrestling.
  • Post-Combat Options - Different choices of cool down exercises.
Varying practices is very important to keep your wrestlers fresh and excited about attending practice. By mixing and matching these options, the user can develop hundreds of different practice plans based on the level of intensity and volume you require.

This enables you to see the principles of practice planning applied in the practice room and allows you to see one of his favorite practice formats.

This DVD is an essential tool for novice wrestling coaches or experienced coaches looking to enhance their practices and give their wrestlers the edge they need.

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

67 minutes. 2013.

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