AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Post Player Skill Development

AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Post Player Skill Development
AAU Coaching Girls Basketball Series: Post Player Skill Development
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Product Description

  • Learn effective post play techniques and tactics that will make your post players skilled athletes
  • Learn drills that teach post up fundamentals as well as different finishes at the basket
  • Get drills that develop post's ability to post up or score in transition
  • Incorporate skill development drills that increase conditioning
Featuring Sherri Coale, University of Oklahoma Head Women's Basketball Coach;
10x Big 12 Conference Champions (six regular season and four tournament); Back-to-Back NCAA Final Four appearances (2009-2010); 2002 NCAA Runners-up

Basketball is a team game, but your players need individual skills to perform their best - and to help your team succeed.

University of Oklahoma Women's Basketball Coach Sherri Coale provides a smorgasbord of 20+ individual skill developmental drills that stress the importance of grooming fundamental skills prior to players entering a team-based environment.

Coach Coale teaches you the basic skills any post player will need to be successful at any level of play. She stresses footwork and the need to do the work early in the possession to establish an advantageous post position. These drills aim at developing hand-eye coordination (in order to cleanly receive a post entry pass), utilization of the power dribble to create space, body positioning to prevent blocked shots and to seal off a defender, and finishing around the rim (as well as in transition).

Coach Coale describes in detail the most important part of post play, establishing your position. More post touches equals more points. In order to do this, she shows you how to effectively teach your players about catching the basketball - especially while taking contact - with her hands package. This package teaches post players how to properly catch the ball and put it into a "vice" position at the chin in order to execute any move. Coale uses the Mikan Drill to teach her players how to finish around the rim once they catch the basketball. In her Love Series, Coach Coale diagrams how post players are can effectively execute a catch, pivot, and square to the rim maneuver.

You will be able to implement any number of shooting drills for your post players right away. Coale demonstrates their V-Cut series in the post which teaches her players to catch at a fast pace, while getting a lot of reps in game spots at game speed.

Order now and discover what successful coaches look for and demand from their players and how you can help your players improve essential basketball skills!

This series of videos was produced by Championship Productions in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).

64 minutes. 2012.

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