A to Z Guide to Pitching Mechanics and Drills

A to Z Guide to Pitching Mechanics and Drills
A to Z Guide to Pitching Mechanics and Drills
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Product Description

  • Learn how to develop mechanically proficient and strategically prepared pitchers
  • Discover 25 pitching drills to develop fastball mechanics
  • Learn how to instill the three keys to mental toughness into your pitchers
  • Learn how to break down pitching mechanics into four essentials phases
with Boo Gillette De Oliveira,
Purdue University Head Coach;
former Arizona State University Assistant Softball Coach;
3x All-Big Ten catcher at the University of Wisconsin, former Assistant Coach at Purdue and University of North Carolina

Prepare any pitcher for game day with the drills and techniques in this comprehensive video from former Arizona State assistant coach Boo Gillette De Oliveira. Coach De Oliveira explains the basic concepts of her bullpen workouts and how she develops mental toughness in the bullpen. She also shares two live bullpen workouts focusing on developing mechanically proficient and strategically prepared pitchers.

Throughout the video De Oliveira provides a valuable mix of coaching instruction and live teaching as she coaches her players through the workouts.

Bullpen Workout
Coach De Oliveira begins with an outline of her pitching bullpen workout. She explains how her pitchers "backtrack" to break down each pitch, and gives several keys from the perspective of the person catching the ball. She breaks down the pitching motion into four phases that will help the pitcher and coach identify where problems occur.

Mental Toughness
With the game on the line and the ball in her hand, a strong mental game can be the difference between a win and a loss. Mental toughness doesn't happen on its own; it's a skill that must be developed. Coach De Oliveira offers strategies to improve mental toughness and drills that require mental toughness to execute.

All Access Bullpen - "Pitcher Picks"
Watch a typical bullpen workout live with the Arizona State pitching staff. Day 1 is a "pitcher picks day" that lets the pitcher pick a pitch (usually her best) to work on. Coach De Oliveira puts the pitcher through a series of drills to breakdown the mechanics of the pitch. She offers corrections and feedback as pitchers execute each drill.

All Access Bullpen - "One-Two-Three"
This live bullpen session focuses on pitching strategy and execution. The pitchers do a "one-two-three" drill trying to throw a called strike on the first pitch and then expanding the plate and making batters chase pitches out of the zone. Coach De Oliveira wraps up the bullpen session by explaining what she was focusing on with each pitcher and why.

Fastball Mechanics Drills
Most advanced pitchers do not throw fastballs during a game. However, the mechanics for every pitch they throw are set up by the fastball. In this segment, Coach De Oliveira explains and demonstrates 25 pitching drills that can be used with not only the fastball, but with any pitch.

It is often said that pitching and defense win championships. No matter how you spin it, pitching is and will always be central to the game of softball. Order now and let Coach Boo Gillette De Oliveira show you how to prepare any pitcher for game day!

128 minutes. 2014.

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