66 Dynamic Dryland Training Exercises: Developing Swimmer Athleticism

66 Dynamic Dryland Training Exercises: Developing Swimmer Athleticism
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Learn a dynamic dryland program designed to develop your swimmers' athleticism!

  • Build speed, power, and explosiveness in the pool through focused training out of the pool
  • Increase agility, flexibility, and core strength to improve stroke, start, and wall mechanics
  • Get exercises that are appropriate for use in conjunction with weight room training or as a stand-alone dryland program

with Jason Calanog,
Texas A&M University Assistant Coach;
former Senior Assistant Coach at The Bolles School (FL);
USA National Team Coach (2016); USA National Junior Team Coach ('13 - '15);
USA Swimming - Diversity Camp West Head Coach (2014);
Philippines National Team, Head Coach (Pan Pacific Games - 2010, FINA World Championships - 2009);
Philippines National Team, Assistant Coach (2008 Olympics, '07 & '09 South East Asian Games)

The better the athlete, the better the swimmer. Dryland training has long been a staple in improving the overall athleticism in swimmers of all ages. In this video, Texas A&M University's Jason Calanog demonstrates seven different exercise modes he uses with his athletes. His demonstrations incorporate medicine balls, boxing, circuit training, forty pro's, pull ups, bands and gymnastic rings to enhance swimmers' athleticism for peak performance.

Dryland Training Demonstration

All together, Coach Calanog uses 66 different exercises focusing on core stability, strength, agility, power, prehab work and rhythm. The exercises range from a basic med ball program that includes jumps, rotations and partner throws to more advanced, high-caliber circuit training that requires numerous exercises done in sequence. Calanog shares pointers that coaches and swimmers can use to be sure the swimmer gets the maximum benefit from each exercise.

Circuit Training

By combining a few drills with interval training, Coach Calanog demonstrates the endless variety you can create using the exercises in this video to create challenging circuits for your swimmers. Diverse motions done at speed build the kind of overall athleticism swimmers need to swim their best.

An example that Calanog uses is the following exercises in order:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Front somersault
  • Box jump
  • Depth jump
  • 5 squat jumps

All of these are done fast, with a smooth transition from one exercise to another without a pause or stop. The sequence develops athleticism and mimics several swimming-related movements.

Additionally, you'll get exercises that incorporate a pull up bar, exercise bands, and gymnastic rings that are great for core stabilization and building overall strength and body control.

Athletes just embarking on a dryland training program can use this video to turn affordable equipment and simple routines into a competitive advantage. Teams that are looking to expand or add variety to their programs will pick up new drills and methods to challenge all levels of swimmers. This comprehensive program from Coach Calanog safely builds athleticism for peak performance swimming.

28 minutes. 2019.

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