60 Defensive Practice Drills for Baseball

60 Defensive Practice Drills for Baseball
60 Defensive Practice Drills for Baseball
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Product Description

  • Maximize the development of your infielders, outfielders and catchers
  • Get simple-to-complex drill progressions you can use as your team improves
  • Improve your fielding percentage and win more games
with Mark Brew,
Lee University Head Coach;
2010 & 2008 NAIA National Runner-up,
2008 NAIA National Coach of the Year

Use these drill progressions to properly train fundamentals during your practices. This will provide your athletes with the confidence they need to make plays in game situations.

Broken down into three sections, this DVD will teach and demonstrate the vital characteristics that each player needs to possess to successfully play their position.

  • Catchers - Your catchers are the cornerstone of your defense! This DVD shows how to develop essential receiving, blocking and fielding techniques. These drills work on framing a pitch, effective strategies and techniques for blocking pitches in the dirt, fielding bunts (both picking up the ball and making accurate throws to each base), reading and catching pop ups, covering home plate, snap throws to first and more.
  • Outfielders - Through drill work, your outfielders can develop the instincts they need to be successful. These drills focus on body control and footwork. Train your outfielders to track fly balls correctly, battle the sun successfully, get balls off the fence cleaner, take great angles to a fly ball, properly communicate with each other and throw to the correct base.
  • Infielders - Reduce errors in your infield. Teach your infielders to read hops and to field the ball cleanly. See how to take away the spin on short hops, field with soft hands, gobble up slow rollers, how to properly field a bobbled ball, pop up communication and more.

Jam packed with over 60 drills, this DVD is sure to help you reduce errors and win more games!

70 minutes. 2011.

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