6-Minute Competitive Drills for Lacrosse

6-Minute Competitive Drills for Lacrosse
6-Minute Competitive Drills for Lacrosse
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Product Description

  • Get new ways to teach the fundamentals of lacrosse in a competitive arena
  • Learn how curl moves and cuts allow for better spacing and open up new possibilities in your offensive sets
  • Build your defenses' ability to cover space quickly and effectively
with Jenny Levy,
U.S. Women's National Team Head Coach;
University of North Carolina Head Women's Lacrosse Coach;
2016 NCAA Women's Champions - 2x NCAA Championship Coach (2013);
eight NCAA Final Four appearances;
2x ACC Coach of the Year;
6th winningest coach in NCAA D1 Women's lacrosse history; National championship winner and two-time All-American as an attacker for the University of Virginia

Five-time NCAA Final Four coach Jenny Levy shows you how to use short, six minute drills to teach the fundamentals of the game, while putting your players in aggressive, fast, game like situations.

Coach Levy details each drill on the marker board before moving to the field and running it live with her players. These drills will force your players to execute with the ball on offense, but just as importantly will teach the defensive players timing and how important communication is when defending.

These drills will benefit your team in a variety of ways;

  • Learn to pick up ground balls and make passes under pressure
  • Work a variety of man up and man down situations
  • Teach your players to be courageous and makes hard moves to the cage
  • Train your attackers to read space and read defensive slides
  • Teach defenders to how to slide, how to quickly cover space and communicate
With more than 10 fantastic drills, this video will help get your team get ready offensively and defensively for future success.

Use these drills everyday to build lacrosse fundamentals in a fun, yet competitive practice environment.

85 minutes. 2010.

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