5-Star Coaching Series: Practice Drills and Ball Screen Offense

5-Star Coaching Series: Practice Drills and Ball Screen Offense
5-Star Coaching Series: Practice Drills and Ball Screen Offense
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Product Description

  • Pick up seven drills that will help you build your defense around aggressive play and challenge your opponent
  • Learn 10 ball screen progressions that will allow you to work on every ball screen defensive action your team will face in a season
  • Use a 4-on-4 half court shell to simultaneously build a pick and roll offense and teach your team to defend screening actions
with Scott Cross,
Troy University Head Men's Basketball Coach;
former TCU Assistant Coach;
former University Texas-Arlington Head Coach;
2017 Sun Belt Conference Coach of the Year;
2012 Southland Conference Champs, 2012 Finalist for Hugh Durham National Coach of the Year Award

If you are a ball screen team, this video is a must!!

UT-Arlington head coach, Scott Cross, brings you a detailed guide to ball screen offense and defense. Coach Cross outlines the techniques your team will need to be successful using a ball screen offense by getting post touches, working to create space, and taking advantage of shoulder-to-shoulder action off of pick and roll set.

Coach Cross maximizes his practice sessions by working on defending every possible ball screen action that can be used by your opponent. Cross takes you through a variety of build-up drills that demonstrate how to implement the actions within a ball screen offense.

In a 4-on-4 setting, Coach Cross demonstrates a competitive drill to teach proper screening techniques and spacing while learning how to defend a stagger action, cross screen action, down screen action, and a combination of a cross screen and down screen action.

Cross shows you the break down drills they use every day in practice to ensure success on the defensive end of the floor.

This is a great video for coaches at any level looking to incorporate more ball screen action within their offense and, at the same time, teach players how to defend ball screens.

Produced at the Fall 2012 5-Star Basketball Clinic in Dallas (TX).

41 minutes. 2013.

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