4RIP3: A Mental Conditioning Program for Baseball

4RIP3: A Mental Conditioning Program for Baseball
4RIP3: A Mental Conditioning Program for Baseball
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Product Description

  • Implement 4RIP3 and guide your players through the mental ups and downs of a season
  • Learn to read the physical signs of your players' mental states
  • Create processes that lead your players into competition with a "locked in" mentality
with Brian Cain, Sport Psychology Consultant;
former college baseball coach and adjunct professor of sport psychology; has worked with the Washington Nationals, many NCAA Division I programs across the country and the Martensdale St. Mary's (IA) High School Baseball team who, in 2011, set the all-time National High School Baseball record with 87 consecutive wins

Give your athletes the mental tools necessary to be successful on and off the field and take your program to the next level!

Establishing a routine leads to consistency. Consistency leads to confidence. Confidence leads to success. This is the foundation of Brian Cain's 4RIP3 program. This mental conditioning program is essential for coaches looking to get their players to focus on the right things and to perform their best.

In this DVD, Brian Cain outlines simple, yet highly effective, mental conditioning techniques that coaches can implement into their practices and use during games. Cain outlines the 4 R's of the program:

  • Routine
  • Recognize
  • Release
  • Refocus

What can the R's do for athletes?

  • Provide athletes with the ability to develop a positive mental routine for pitching, hitting and defense.
  • Recognize distractions and focus on the things they can control through 'green lights' and 'red lights'.
  • Address adversity and refocus on dominating the moment.
Coaches can also learn how imagery, combined with breathing and verbal 'self-talk' can be used to get 'mental repetitions' to mentally prepare athletes to compete at a high level.

Coaches must be willing to build champions versus focusing on winning championships. Building champions requires athletes and coaches to invest their time in the 4RIP3 program to develop the mental approach to the game that focuses on creating consistency, building confidence and enjoying success.

The mental game in baseball is undeniably important. These drills have helped teams win championships, now you can incorporate them into your practice to give you team the edge and the mindset they need to win.

39 minutes. 2012.

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