40 Hitting Drills to Help You Find Your Best Swing

40 Hitting Drills to Help You Find Your Best Swing
40 Hitting Drills to Help You Find Your Best Swing
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  • Improve your Baseball coaching!
  • Learn from John Cohen!
  • Take your team to the next level!
  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with John Cohen, Mississippi St. Head Baseball Coach;
named the 2006 Southeastern Conference Coach of the Year and National Coach of the Year by the College Baseball Foundation and CollegeBaseballinsider.com while serving as head coach at Kentucky.

Let John Cohen show you how to take the complex and make it simple for you as a hitter or as a coach. 40 Hitting Drills to Help You Find Your Best Swing is a collection of his very best drills that he uses every day with the Mississippi State hitters.

The drills are great to use with your entire team if you are a coach, or for you to use on your own if you are a hitter. Coach Cohen believes that ball players improve the most when they are working on their own - without a coach or parent correcting every little detail.

Coach Cohen instills just a few simple ideas to keep in mind: have the head tracking the ball and store up your energy and release it as efficiently as possible right back up the middle. The batter can execute all of these drills and instantly see if they are getting those results. The athlete will figure out how to make the adjustments to get the results, and while doing so, he or she is correcting any swing flaws without having to even think about it!

All of the drills included on the DVD have a precise purpose to address one or more aspects of a successful swing. Here is what is covered in the drills:

  • warm-up drills that help the player load up their energy and release it right back up the middle with efficiency
  • tee drills that build a foundation for transferring all of the body's energy most effectively into the ball
  • tee drills that put hitters in uncomfortable situations where they have to figure out how to make the adjustments to produce results
  • drills to free up the lower body
  • drills to keep the upper body relaxed and loose
  • simple drills to end bat wrap
  • drills to keep the bat on plane with the pitch throughout the hitting zone, conquering a severe upper cut or downward stroke
  • drills that keep the player aligned to maximize their transfer of energy right back up the middle
  • short toss drills with variations that help hitters make the adjustment between a fastball and any off-speed pitch

Every hitter has their own unique style and that no one swing is the perfect swing. That's why it's 40 Hitting Drills to Help You Find YOUR Best Swing and not 40 Hitting Drills to Help You Find THE Best Swing. Each player is different and the drills work no matter what their particular style is.

48 minutes. 2009.

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