40 Drills for Winning the Line of Scrimmage

40 Drills for Winning the Line of Scrimmage
40 Drills for Winning the Line of Scrimmage
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Get 40 drills that cover all aspects of creating a championship offensive line
  • Learn how to get linemen moving laterally and vertically while maintaining power and balance
  • Learn how to use blocking sleds to create good habits and to ensure that lineman maintain leverage on each block
  • Discover drills to improve your line's ability to engage and block

Customer Review:
An awesome video for any OL coach looking for great drills or variations of drills you may already use.

with Steve Greatwood,
University of California, Berkeley Offensive Line Coach;
former University of Oregon Assistant Head Coach - Running Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach; American Football Coaches Association National Offensive Line Coach of the Year (2008)

Steve Greatwood is one of the top offensive line coaches in the nation. In this instructional video, Coach Greatwood shares the entire offensive line drill package that makes the Oregon offense unstoppable.

Using practice video, Coach Greatwood presents drills for individual blocks, double teams, zone plays and pass protection. Each drill is covered in detail, which helps you to see both good and bad techniques so you will know what to look for when teaching the drills to ensure successful implementation.

The Oregon offense pressures every defense with its incredible fast-paced tempo. Coach Greatwood shows you the drills that make that possible, starting with rabbit drills to develop speed and balance and sled drills to develop power and explosiveness. He also shares a boards and chutes drill series to develop footwork, hand placement and pad level, and shows how to train linemen to finish a block.

A common problem for many offenses is how to stop the opponent from setting an edge on defense. Coach Greatwood has an answer for that. Using a point-by-point teaching method, he demonstrates how to use the Bracer Skip Step (aka Shuffle Drive Step) to neutralize a defensive player who sets up a step or two to the outside

Coach Greatwood also shares the "gallop" technique used on double teams as well as pulling drills to get linemen on second-level defenders. In the "Skip Pull" drill, linemen execute a pull around technique to get to a linebacker place side. He also covers his PODS drill working three linemen together with the tight ends as they pick up slants, angles and blitzes when running the zone play.

Multiple drills for developing pass protection are also shown making this one of the most complete drill packages available.

Coach Greatwood shares a repertoire of drills designed to develop players into outstanding prospects at the next level.

84 minutes. 2015.

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