4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Attacking Drills & Skills

4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Attacking Drills & Skills
4-Out 1-In Attack & React: Attacking Drills & Skills
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Product Description

  • Learn perimeter and post player drills for creating an attacking mentality in the half court
  • Discover how to incorporate skill development into the basic phases of the Attack & React Offense
  • Build your players' confidence in their shot, ball handling and driving skills using the "go" and "cross" attacking moves
with Andrew Grantz, Creator of the Attack & React Offense;
Our Lady of Providence (IN) High School Head Boys Basketball Coach;
former Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach

After taking the basketball scene by storm with his Attack & React Offense, Andrew Grantz now provides a way for you to create breakdown drills for each phase of his highly touted and successful system.

Perimeter-based drills focus on fundamentals like footwork, ball handling, shooting, and passing. For post players, the drills train their ability to finish high and strong around the rim while utilizing individual moves such as the power dribble, jump hooks and up-and-unders. Your players will develop an attacking mentality by passing quicker, shooting with confidence, and handling the basketball against any type of defense.

Coach Grantz merges all of the attacking skill development into the five basic phases of his offensive system. He provides insight into each drill as players demonstrate the various reads and learn the various reactions required to successfully execute the offensive system as a whole. The five phases include:

  • Phase 1 - Breakdown Drills. Develop the habits needed to run the offense effectively. These drills work on the 4-out-actions but also can be used to reinforce the fundamentals covered earlier in the video.
  • Phase 2 - Pass and Cut. Players learn to read the defender and decide if they should cut backdoor.
  • Phase 3 - Post Entry Drills. Features three versions of the Laker cut.
  • Phase 4 - Baseline Drive (C Gap). Works on baseline penetration and a lob pass at rim to the post player or drift to opposite wing.
  • Phase 5 - Backdoor. Teaches players to recognize opportunities to make backdoor cuts when the defense plays too high in the passing lanes.
Coach Grantz does an excellent job demonstrating and teaching players how to play the game and read off of one another as they pass, cut, fill, and look to create scoring opportunities in the half court.

Enhance your players' ability to attack the rim with Coach Grantz's drills for the highly effective attacker.

105 minutes. 2013.

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