4-2-5 'Gang Green' Multiple Defense: Defending the Wing-T

4-2-5 'Gang Green' Multiple Defense: Defending the Wing-T
4-2-5 'Gang Green' Multiple Defense: Defending the Wing-T
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  • Identify specific tendencies of the Wing-T by formation so you can adjust your scheme accordingly
  • Teach the keys, reads and techniques for each defensive position
  • Effectively blitz and stunt to stop the Wing-T
with Rick Stewart, former Porterville (CA) High School Head Coach.
Took three losing programs to playoffs. Led Porterville to four straight playoff appearances, back-to-back section championship appearances.

Rick Stewart, the master mind of the Pistol Wing-T, will take you on an inside look on how to stop his high potent offense. Running the Wing-T gives him great insight to what causes problems for the Wing-T. What better way to stop the wing-T than listening to a coach who knows this offense inside and out. Each play is broken down into detail and all of the defensive keys needed to stop it from every position.

Coach Stewart breaks down each series of the Wing-T; fly sweep, buck sweep, down, and belly. As he draws each play against the 4-2-5 he describes which defenders are placed in conflict and how to defeat it. Once the plays are discussed in an overview, various formations are shown in order for you to align your defense properly. Each play is drawn out with the blocking assignment how to beat each blocking scheme.

Position breakdown is next and each individual position is discussed and the key technique needed to defend the essential Wing-T plays. The down block and escape to linebacker are two blocks critical to wing-t plays. Coach Stewart explains how to defeat these blocks and stop critical plays within each series. Explanations as to how defenders must react to pulling lineman are a big help in stopping the buck series plays. He completes his game plan against the wing-t with an explanation of the different motions used and how to react to them. Blitzes and Stunts are given that can be very essential in giving exotic looks to the opposing offense.

Coach Stewarts weekly practice plan in preparation for a Wing-T team is discussed and can be essential for a successful week. By organizing your practice to defensive reads and how to blitz the Wing T you will be better prepared come game night.

If you face the difficult Wing-T throughout the season, this DVD is a must have. One of the most successful Wing-T coaches in the nation takes you on an all-access look on how to defend the Wing-T. This scheme will give you instant success with rules and alignments that are adaptable to any defense you run.

125 minutes. 2014.

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