4-2-5 Defense: Practice Fundamentals & Schemes

4-2-5 Defense: Practice Fundamentals & Schemes
4-2-5 Defense: Practice Fundamentals & Schemes
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  • Strategies and drills for defensive practice planning
  • Personnel insights, coverages and schemes to effectively implement this defense into your program
  • Run and pass coverages against various formations
with Neal Neathery,
Eastern Michigan University Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach;
former Texas-San Antonio Defensive Coordinator,
2007 American Football Coaches Association NCAA Division III Assistant Coach of the Year (Wabash College)

Stop the run and pressure the quarterback! Learn how the Neal Neathery's 4-2-5 defense will get your best athletes on the field and have them swarming to the ball regardless of formation or situation.

Coach Neathery provides an in-depth look at the 4-2-5 defense. He teaches his basic philosophy and defensive principles, ideas for practice organization and individual training periods, and provides an overview of the 4-2-5 schemes and their objectives.

Through extensive research, Coach Neathery developed his defense by studying and visiting with other programs such as TCU and North Dakota State that have successfully implemented the 4-2-5. By taking the best ideas from other programs and adding some of his own tweaks, Neathery has developed a defensive scheme that has consistently performed in the Top 5 nationally in numerous defensive categories.

To assist you with getting the right players in the right positions, Neathery explains the seven categories of personnel in the 4-2-5. You will see each player's specific assignment and the traits your players need to play the position.

Neathery shares the base pass coverage for his 4-2-5: quarters coverage. The advantage of the 4-2-5 pass coverage is that you will always have a 3-2 advantage to the wide side of the field. He diagrams the staple coverage assignments to defend the pro formation in the 4-2-5: Fox, Duo and Buzz. He then takes you through a film session showing you game footage examples of these calls and how they align to cover versus twins formation and an open formation.

Need to improve your run defense? Neathery takes you through a film session showing his base defense versus the run and diagramming the personnel assignments specific run plays. He shows how to defend the power, twins, pro formation, open formation, shotgun, and twins reverse.

For more in-depth teaching on run and pass coverage check out Neathery's 4-2-5 Defense: Run Defense & Linebacker Drills and 4-2-5 Defense: Pass Defense Coverages & Drills.

This DVD will improve your team's ability to run to the ball, defeat blocks, tackle and create turnovers using one of the hottest defenses in football!

92 minutes. 2010.

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