4-2-5 Defense: Pattern Reading and Route Matching

4-2-5 Defense: Pattern Reading and Route Matching
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Simplify coverage calls to allow your defense to play fast and without hesitation!

  • Teach your players how to number and identify the receiving threats, as well as how to recognize receiving patterns and match routes
  • Discover how to read the QB's drop and take away passing combinations
  • Learn how to identify the Read side and Away side of the offensive formation and get simple adjustment calls to take out a dominant receiver

with Caleb Padilla,
Luther College Head Coach;
former Defensive Coordinator at Luther College;
led the Iowa Conference in Pass Defense in back-to-back years (2016-17)

The 4-2-5 defense is built to defend the spread offense, as it presents more coverage schemes and coverage players to defend the full length of the field, side to side. The coverages are vital to the success of the 4-2-5 as it looks to defend the perimeter and passing game of the spread offense.

In this video, Coach Padilla focuses on the his pattern read and match coverage concept that is built into his 4-2-5 scheme, plus how it works with various run fits and blitz schemes. When offenses try to manipulate the defense by exchanging their players with alignment or routes, it's imperative that the secondary of a defense can keep their leverage. This is where the pattern read and route matching scheme works the best. Padilla explains the coverage responsibilities and adjustments that are made from each position of the 4-2-5, whether you are covering an outside receiver or slot back.

You'll see Coach Padilla break down the coverage structure of the two deep safety coverage, and he also explains single high coverage looks. The approach to these schemes focuses on the quarterback drop backs you'll see in any offensive scheme.

Quarters Coverage

Coach Padilla like to run quarters coverage because it provides easy adjustments versus formations or wide receiver splits, allows for a "plus one" in the run game, matches four vertical routes with ease, and gives safety help to the corners.

You'll see how Padilla uses a "Slot" call versus a 2-by-2 set when the number one and two receivers are in a split that allows the safety to get over the top of any outside threat if the inside receiver runs a quick out. In "Slot," the corner rolls to the out with leverage and the safety expands to cover any vertical by the outside receiver. Words that begin with the letter "S" put the safety in force, and words that begin with the letter "C" put the corner in force.

Away side calls such as "Bronco," "Stay," and "Cone" complete the coverage package and give you tools to attack any offensive scheme.

The 4-2-5 defense separates itself from other defensive schemes through its multiple coverages. The ability to switch and disguise coverages lends a great advantage to a defense, which is why this defense typically finds its strength versus a spread offense. Learn how to implement it yourself with this fantastic video from Coach Padilla!

84 minutes. 2018.

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