4-2-5 Defense: Blitz Packages

4-2-5 Defense: Blitz Packages
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Install an aggressive defense that will allow you to create pressure from all angles on the field!

  • Teach the proper aiming point for your blitzers to attack
  • Discover how to use safety rotation to disguise coverages
  • Learn middle of the field coverages to match the blitz that is called

with Caleb Padilla,
Luther College Head Coach;
former Defensive Coordinator at Luther College;
led the Iowa Conference in Pass Defense in back-to-back years (2016-17)

Do you want something different for your defense? Are your players smaller than what traditional power defenses require? Then this is the defensive scheme for you! The 4-2-5 allows you to play aggressive defense even if your athletes are smaller than the average team.

The 4-2-5 defense allows defensive coordinators to send players each play and blitz from all angles of the field. Using diagrams and film, Caleb Padilla focuses on the blitz package that is built into his 4-2-5 scheme and how to work with various coverage schemes. He discusses the vital communication that is needed to eliminate mistakes while telling players where they need to be.

Coach Padilla illustrates how he hides the blitzer based on where the ball is placed, the offensive formation, or the wide side of the field. This creates an advantage for the defense as the offense won't know who's coming. He also breaks down how to blitz versus run/pass teams and power teams.

4-2-5 Blitz Schemes

Coach Padilla breaks down various blitz techniques and responsibilities, including:

  • Smoke Blitzes - Brings edge pressure with a safety or corner. A simple call system allows you to pressure the offense based on either field position or formation sets. The Double Smoke blitz is a good pressure to use to bring six defenders, especially in the red zone or short yardage situations.
  • Bullets Blitz Package - Brings one of the inside backers to disturb the run game. It adds another defender in the blitz and is effective against 21 personnel, especially if they are run heavy.

Both sideline and end zone game film gives a clear picture of each blitz in action.

Coach Padilla also shows you his middle of the field coverage, "Magic." This allows you to bring the free safety down as the strong safety blitzes, and rotate the backside safety over the top. With the Magic coverage concept, it's man coverage when it needs to be man, and zone coverage when it needs to be zone.

If you're looking for an aggressive defense that will allow you to create pressure from all angles of the field, this video from Coach Padilla is a great resource!

59 minutes. 2018.

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