35 Championship Shooting Drills for Lacrosse

35 Championship Shooting Drills for Lacrosse
35 Championship Shooting Drills for Lacrosse
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Product Description

  • Shoot with more power and velocity
  • Improve your team's shooting accuracy
  • Develop shooting drills that look like your offense
with Bobby Benson,
Johns Hopkins University Assistant Lacrosse Coach;
3x All-American player at Johns Hopkins;
sixth all-time leading goal-scorer in school history

Learn how good form, a quick shot and accuracy on your shot will lead to more goals.

Bobby Benson breaks down the shooting fundamentals through individual and team drills and applies them to game scenarios to make your team better shooters.

Discover Benson's three key points to successful shooting mechanics. Learn the same techniques he teaches the Hopkins players to generate more power, velocity and accuracy. Keep your players in triple-threat position to shoot, pass or dodge maximizing their offensive effectiveness.

Benson delivers stick work drills to improve catching, footwork, and release.

Get a complete break down of three types of shots:

  • Set shots - Get quick shots before the defense can get set.
  • Shots on the run - Attack the goal on the run.
  • Shots off a cut - Seal off the defender to receive the pass and maximize power on your shot.

Benson ties all the shooting techniques together with a sequence shooting drill. This drill will give you a lot of repetitions on all three techniques allowing your players to set their feet, catch the ball, and shoot it hard.

Improve your shot with this outstanding lacrosse video!

60 minutes. 2010.

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