3-by-1 Routes for the Spread Passing Game

3-by-1 Routes for the Spread Passing Game
3-by-1 Routes for the Spread Passing Game
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with Bill Lynch,
DePauw University Head Coach, former Indiana University Head Coach

Coach Lynch focuses on receivers, patterns and proven offensive concepts for the spread passing game in this excellent clinic presentation enhanced with insightful game footage. Alignments differ in the spread offense from four wides, to three wides and a tight end, or the two and two look. By adding traps and down line options, the four vertical spread can be an explosive offense and a challenge for defenses. This is a "concept" passing game where pass patterns are made up of individual routes. Lynch shares his main routes in the 3-by-1, and how he builds off it. The featured routes include the Robbie 53 UTAH, Ricky 53 X Choice and Robbie 72 Dodge. For clarity, Coach Lynch uses game footage to show where all five receivers are positioned. Receivers are taught to know the clock in the quarterback's head, and are drilled one-on-one to show differences in defensive coverage. Every throw in practice is timed in order to develop timing and the average time to throw is 2.5 seconds. Lynch shares his teaching points for the quarterback reads on the safety coverage. His goal is to push the ball down the field with this consistent spread offense. Multiple 3-by-1 routes can help coaches add variety to their offensive attack and maintain balance at the same time.

36 minutes. 2006.

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