3-5-3 Defense: Zone Coverages

3-5-3 Defense: Zone Coverages
3-5-3 Defense: Zone Coverages
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Product Description

  • Accentuate your blitz package with five zone coverages
  • Confuse quarterbacks with multiple coverages
  • See detailed video cut-ups for each coverage
with Rob Manchester,
Georgia Military College Defensive Coordinator;
ranked #2 in the nation in overall Team Defense in 2007

Rob Manchester gives you five zone coverages that you can add to your 3-5-3 Defense. These zone schemes will compliment your man coverages to allow you to change back-and-forth based on the flow of the offense. These coverages also allow you to keep the same blitz package, giving you multiple looks that will cause confusion and force the quarterback to make quick reads that can lead to interceptions.

Manchester, with his years of experience and success in the 3-5-3, takes you through a detailed breakdown of five zone coverages.

  • Cover Gray - A 3-deep with 4-under coverage that is only run with 4-man pressure. Will allow you to cheat on any route in the flat.
  • Cover Green - A 5-man pressure package with a 3-under, 3-deep look. Forces QB to make a quick read/pass.
  • Cover Red - A rotating defense with three defensive backs where the free safety replaces the blitzing linebacker.
  • Cover Orange - Quarters coverage (four deep zone coverage) that works well against spread formation to defeat the four vertical package. Can be run versus any pro or doubles formation.
  • Cover Gold - A rotating defense with the corners and safety playing the deep middle.
  • Every coverage is shown in diagram format, followed by a wide and end-zone video clip. Throughout the video review, Manchester breaks down each coverage making it easy for you to understand how to use multiple coverages on the back end while remaining simple up front. You also get various looks versus multiple offensive formations, including doubles and trips looks.

    If you already run the 3-5-3 this is the most up to date DVD of its kind that goes into such detail and makes so much sense when it comes defending offenses from the 3-5-3. This is a great compliment to Manchester's 3-5-3 Blitz package DVD.

    58 minutes. 2010.

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