3-5-3 Defense: Man-to-Man Coverage Schemes

3-5-3 Defense: Man-to-Man Coverage Schemes
3-5-3 Defense: Man-to-Man Coverage Schemes
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Product Description

  • Learn a number and color system to easily call different coverage/blitz package
  • Coverage for trips receiver formation stays the same for each coverage
  • Includes detailed film breakdown of all seven coverages for easy understanding
with Rob Manchester,
Georgia Military College Defensive Coordinator;
ranked #2 in the nation in overall Team Defense in 2007

Rob Manchester delivers seven man coverages that you can add to your 3-5-3 Defense. These man schemes can compliment your zone coverages by allowing you to switch back-and-forth based on the flow of the offense. These coverages also allow you to keep the same blitz package, giving you multiple looks that will cause confusion for the opposing offense.

These man coverage packages feature multiple back and under coverages. Manchester has simplified the calls used to identify the schemes to make it easier for the players to learn and implement on game day, which minimizes the margin of error. Manchester shares this system with you so you can incorporate it into your system.

Packages consist of three true man free concepts and four zero man concepts:

  • Cover Deuce - 4 man pressure perfect for first down and long distance situations versus pass as it gives you another guy underneath for coverage.
  • Cover 1 - Similar to Cover Deuce, it's a true 3-man free cover with a 5-man pressure except the non-blitzing linebacker has to cover the running back. Includes adjustments for motion to doubles and trips formations.
  • Cover 1 Fly - Same as Cover 1, but you make an adjustment when you get a trips formation. Great coverage to defend bunch sets, rub routes and wide receiver screens as it always allows you to have a free safety over top.
  • Cover 0 - Both outside guys are blitzing off the edge, only run vs. a 2-back formation. Three linebackers are in charge of two backs, with the remaining linebacker left under.
  • Cover Black - A 5-man pressure package that leaves no defenders deep. Two linebackers remain to help with the third receiver.
  • Cover Brown - This is a 6-man pressure package, leaving one linebacker to cover the running back.
  • Cover Blue - This is a 6-man pressure in which the free safety has the running back/third receiver.

Every coverage is shown in diagram format, followed by a wide and end-zone video clips. Manchester breaks down each coverage making it easy for you to understand how to use multiple coverages on the back end while remaining simple up front. Each coverage includes adjustments for motion to double and vs trips formations. You also get various looks versus multiple offensive formations, including doubles and trips look.

A great compliment to Manchester's 3-5-3 Blitz package and Zone Coverage DVDs.

60 minutes. 2010.

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