3-3 Stack Stunts & Blitzes

3-3 Stack Stunts & Blitzes
3-3 Stack Stunts & Blitzes
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with Steve Specht,
St. Xavier (OH) HS Head Coach,
2X Ohio Division I State Champions,
USA Football Jr. National Team Defensive Coordinator,
ESPN's Elite #2 High School Team in 2007

Coach Specht has had great successful with the 3-3 and his stunts and blitzes add strength to the system. The four-man game is coupled with the 'Storm' coverage and the five-man game is matched to the 'Fire' coverage. As the Strong Edge Storm is diagrammed, each player's role is discussed and adjustments in the 2-2 coverage are highlighted. 'Strong nasty' is a call where the end loops to the C gap while the jet blitzes underneath in the B gap. A coverage that has been successful in Cover 2 is called 'Sick Em Spy', which puts a lot of pressure on the quarterback. A pressure blitz package is available when six or seven rushers are needed to pressure the offense. On 'Iowa strong web' the will backer blitzes the B gap. The information presented on the rush and blitzes will bolster the basic 3-3 defense that has been a winning combination for Coach Specht's teams.

67 minutes. 2007.

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