3-3 Stack Coverages

3-3 Stack Coverages
3-3 Stack Coverages
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with Steve Specht,
St. Xavier (OH) HS Head Coach,
2X Ohio Division I State Champions,
USA Football Jr. National Team Defensive Coordinator,
ESPN's Elite #2 High School Team in 2007

Coach Specht wanted his defense to be able to leverage receivers, which is why he uses the 3-3 Stack system. This is a matching zone philosophy because all players play a match up zone. His 'Fire and Storm' coverages enable the defense to play tighter, outside leverage man coverage on the widest receivers while playing a tight match up zone underneath. It also allows additional pressure on the quarterback without putting too much pressure on secondary defenders. With the popularity of the spread offense, this defense makes it possible to play tighter coverage, but rushing only three or four defenders. Specht details the key teaching points of the Fire Coverage's rules and responsibilities. Other topics covered are 3 x 1 coverage adjustments, weak side blitz, 2 x 2 and 2 x 2 motion. Storm coverage is similar to Fire, except only four rushers are involved instead of five. Specht also discusses rules and responsibilities for Cover 2. In conclusion, progression drills are diagrammed and explained for this defensive system.

59 minutes. 2007.

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