3-3 Disguises and Pressures to Stop the Pass

3-3 Disguises and Pressures to Stop the Pass
3-3 Disguises and Pressures to Stop the Pass
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Product Description

Learn how to get many players into coverage to blanket all of the areas teams look to exploit!

  • Learn how to bring pressure with 3 or 4 players in a variety of blitzes
  • Get different zone and combination coverages that keep offenses off balance
  • Learn how to use the free safety to help stop a dynamic receiver in man coverage

with Ron Ernst,
Ripon College Head Coach; winningest football coach in Ripon history;
2x MWC Champions; 3x Wisconsin Football Private College Coach of the Year; distinguished member of the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association (WFCA) Hall of Fame (2009)

With the implementation of air raid and spread offenses, the ball is being moved all over the field more than ever before. Coach Ernst believes that using the 3-3 defensive system can pressure and confuse every quarterback in the nation.

Ernst loves to blitz and to mix up cover schemes to help his defense be successful. In this video, he goes over the nine main zones he analyzes during preparation in order to take away his opponents' strengths. Once the strengths have been identified, he explains multiple coverages and blitzes he uses to apply pressure on the opposing offense.


You'll first be taught the basic principles of the attacking 3-3 defense. Coach Ernst explains why he chose to switch to the 3-3 defense and the impact it has made on his program. He discusses his philosophy on his defensive approach, which involves bringing pressure and allowing his athletes the freedom to make the right reads.

Blitz Packages

The best way to stop the pass is to get to the quarterback. Coach Ernst uses diagrams to illustrate his best blitzes to put pressure on the opposing team's QB. He uses different defensive line stunts with linebacker blitzes to confuse offensive linemen and impact the decision making of the quarterback.

Coverage Schemes

Coach Ernst discusses coverage schemes and the best times to use them. You'll see diagrams and video that illustrates his cover 0, cover 1, cover 2, and man/zone combinations. He uses game video to show the coverages against multiple formations, outlining the responsibilities of each player to ensure proper execution.

Coach Ernst will help you develop your defense so it's better at stopping the pass by getting players in the proper coverage and putting pressure on the offense.

63 minutes. 2016.

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