3-3 Defense Surface Reads to Stop the Run

3-3 Defense Surface Reads to Stop the Run
3-3 Defense Surface Reads to Stop the Run
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Product Description

See how playing the 3-3 defense can help you shut down your opponent's run game!

  • Develop a system to identify offensive looks that are combined with specific plays
  • Learn how to blitz with multiple players from different levels of the defense
  • Learn 13 type of blitzes and five variations of Cover 3

with Ron Ernst,
Ripon College Head Coach; winningest football coach in Ripon history;
2x MWC Champions; 3x Wisconsin Football Private College Coach of the Year; distinguished member of the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association (WFCA) Hall of Fame (2009)

Most defensive coaches will tell you that stopping the run is the key to any good defense. With Ripon College's Ron Ernst, the all-time winningest coach in Midwest Conference history, you will see how playing the 3-3 defense can be effective against the best rushing attacks in your league.

Coach Ernst breaks down the philosophy and method to implementing a 3-3 defense. You'll see how breaking your defense into field and boundary surface reads will help keep it simple and open up easy lines of communications for your players. Included are 13 blitzes and five variations of Cover 3 defense that can be used to stop the run in a 3-3 defense.

Philosophy and Implementing a 3-3 Defense

Learn why the 3-3 defense is a unique and functional defense to use. Ernst gives you the reasons why a 3-3 defense might be the right fit for your program; these include:

  • Limits personnel groups needed to play defense
  • Matches up well against multiple offense sets
  • Keeps the game simple and gets players to play with confidence

Some of the chief aspects of Coach Ernst's system are taught, including:

  • How to limit your hand signals to communicate with players
  • The three basic defensive fronts used to install the 3-3 defense
  • How to make your a team a "field and boundary" squad

Field and Boundary Team

You'll discover how dividing your players into field and boundary players can help you stop the run. Eight live on-screen diagrams of what calls are made against various offensive formations are presented. Having players that only play the field or the boundary allows you to:

  • Streamline communication
  • Break down data depending on players being on the field surface or boundary surface
  • Use special terminology for boundary and field players
  • Easily adjust against motion

Blitzes and Coverages

Coach Ernst gives you 13 blitz packages and five different Cover 3 coverages. Some of the blitz packages you will see include arrow, bullet, slice and neck blitz. Cover 3 calls include: slash, shark and sink. Also included are:

  • Live game situations of multiple blitzes and coverages
  • Basic Cover 3 principles
  • Breakdown of players' responsibilities in zone and blitz coverages
  • On-screen diagrams of gap and coverage responsibilities

Coach Ernst gives you everything you need to stop the run in a 3-3 defense. No matter what level you coach, this presentation of the 3-3 run stopping defense will have your opponents scrambling to find a way to move the ball!

69 minutes. 2016.

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