3-3-5 Bomber Defense

3-3-5 Bomber Defense
3-3-5 Bomber Defense
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with Steve Specht,
St. Xavier (OH) HS Head Coach,
2X Ohio Division I State Champions,
USA Football Jr. National Team Defensive Coordinator,
ESPN's Elite #2 High School Team in 2007

This 3-3-5 defensive package has a simple philosophy of playing out of an odd front. The odd front is beneficial because you can angle and slant into a reduction. This defense also makes it easier to fit personnel into the scheme and allows you to adjust to formation. Ultimately, Coach Specht likes to keep it simple and play fast. With the 3-3-5 there can be five or six defensive backs in the game at all times. The base defensive alignment has the ends head up on the tackles with the backers stacked up behind the down lineman. The safeties will align 7 yards deep to the shade of the tight end. The secondary creates an illusion that you are five across and 7 yards deep. The key feature of this defense is the "adjuster," who moves around a lot and is usually the most complete player on the team. Against the Spread, the Jet and Will backer move on the line, giving it a five-man look. Other adjustments Specht covers are the 'Sparrow', 'Bluff', 'Falcon', 'I Bluff' and 'Ninja' front. This DVD is jammed with diagrams and teaching points for this highly effective defensive scheme.

53 minutes. 2007.

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