25 Game-Winning In-Bound Plays from the Pros

25 Game-Winning In-Bound Plays from the Pros
25 Game-Winning In-Bound Plays from the Pros
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Product Description

  • Get a look inside some of the top side out, in-bounds plays used in the NBA
  • Improve your team's late-clock scoring chances
  • Use your out of bounds plays to score
with Noel Gillespie,
Phoenix Suns (NBA) Advanced Scout

Noel Gillespie uses his experience as an NBA advanced scout to take you inside NBA playbooks from the Celtics, Magic, Lakers, Bulls, Heat and more.

Each in-bounds play on this DVD was executed in an NBA game during the 2008-09 season to provide quick, late-clock or late game scoring opportunities. These plays can be used after a timeout, at the end of a quarter, before the half or at any time you need a quick shot.

These plays include 24 sideline out-of-bounds plays and an end line out-of-bounds play. Coach Gillespie walks you through each play's action in a 5-on-0 setting and then runs the play in a 5-on-5 live situation. You will get plays that are designed for 3-point and 2-point shots, as well as from the Starburst set, which is widely used throughout the NBA. The plays are set up from various sports all over the court for your team's best shooter and include second options and options for bigs.

Get good, quick shots using this collection of plays from the best minds in basketball.

40 minutes. 2010.

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