21 Exercises for Improving Possession & Passing

21 Exercises for Improving Possession & Passing
21 Exercises for Improving Possession & Passing
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  • Generate more scoring opportunities through possession
  • Improve possession ability by sharpening your team's passing skills
  • Learn how to play out of defensive pressure
with George Kuntz,
UC Irvine Head Men's Soccer Coach

Improving your possession and passing is critical to winning more games. Combining these critical aspects of offense, George Kuntz presents 21 exercises and games to improve your team's possession and passing abilities.

Coach Kuntz demonstrates 12 exercises including warm-up passing, numbers-up scenarios, target possession and possession games. He also includes variations of each drill with clear scoring objectives in order to get the most out of the exercises and his players.

These exercises will help your team maintain good supporting angles to the ball, maintain good shape and build numbers when attacking. Train your players to constantly move and adjust--possessing in deep and wide positions—while increasing vision and awareness and developing good communication. Teach your players when and how to play in tight spaces and when to play out of tight spaces.

Nine passing exercises plus variations are demonstrated including motion passing, wall passing, and player vs. player games. These exercises stress proper execution of the pass such as body shape, angle of approach, weight of the pass, and more.  Kuntz coaches his athletes to follow their pass, make simple decisions, and many more elements of great passing. 

These exercises start small and simple before progressing to larger, more complex exercises that build on the exercises before them.  Each exercise directly relates to the larger game by incorporating passing techniques and patterns for optimizing possession.

This season, increase your scoring opportunities while decreasing your opponent's time on the ball.

131 minutes. 2010.

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