2014 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Notes

2014 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Notes
2014 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic Notes
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30 Lectures in one clinic book - includes 242 diagrams!

The very best coaching lectures in football. This manual provides a "coach-friendly" collection of lectures selected from the 2014 Clinics.

Featured presentations by 30 of America's outstanding high school coaches, including Brent Barnes, Bruce Borgelt, Brad Bradley, Robert Cary, Bill DiNardo, Jeff Fox, Bob Gaddis, Brendan Hathaway, Philip Haywood, Joe Henrich, John Hill, Johnny Hines, John Iannucci, Nick Kocsis, Curt Kuntz, Kevin Lynott, Steve Mask, Donnie Mays, John Mothershed, Jeff Neal, Chip Otten, Robbie Owens, Charlie Pierce, Kyle RIchardson, Mike Schubach, Gene Shulman, Billy Seals, Bobby Sifrit, Jeff Steinberg, and Rick Strieff.

Philosophy, motivation, offense, defense, X's and O's, and the kicking game. All this and more with focus on technique and how to!

Hall of Fame Coaches Bud Wilkinson and Duffy Daugherty started the Coach of the Year Clinics in the 1950's. Over the years these clinics have grown in popularity and have spread across the country. These clinics, widely considered the best football coaching clinics in the country, have over 77 College Head Coaches sponsored by Nike as guest speakers.

218 pages. 2014.

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