2011 University of Louisville Volleyball Coaches Clinic

2011 University of Louisville Volleyball Coaches Clinic
2011 University of Louisville Volleyball Coaches Clinic
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Product Description

  • Informative sessions on running practices, defensive strategy, technique errors and corrections and more
  • Get over five informative hours of on-court instruction from top coaches
  • Learn to coach properly run drills to help your team learn defensive techniques and maximize touches
  • Identify and correct common serving, setting, attacking and passing errors
  • Identify weaknesses in your current defensive system and adjust to cover for them
  • Learn drills that will keep your entire team busy during practice
  • Use stats and tendencies to exploit your opponent

with Anne Kordes,
former University of Louisville Head Coach; 2015 ACC Champions;
2015 ACC Coach of the Year - her third coach of the Year honor at Louisville, also earning the award as the Big East (2012) and American Athletic Conference (2013) Coach of the Year; 2010 and 2011 USA Select National Team Lead Coach; past President of the American Volleyball Coaches Association

and Cecile Reynaud,
former Florida State University Head Coach;
over 630 career wins, 6x conference champions, 4x conference coach of the year

with Kyle Walton, Sarah Drury-Petkovic and Dani Busboom

Get over five informative hours of on-court instruction with Anne Kordes, Dr. Cecile Reynaud and the Louisville volleyball staff!

Session 1 - Defensive Techniques (Anne Kordes)
Coach Kordes covers footwork, proper body form and aggressively playing each attacked ball on defense. Coaches will learn proper techniques for running drills as well as some very solid defensive technique drills.

Session 2 - Scouting an Opponent (Kyle Walton)
Learn to develop on-the-fly game management tactics. Recognize the areas in which your players excel and how you can exploit your opponent's tendencies.

Session 3 - Getting the Most out of Your Practices (Dr. Cecile Reynaud)
Improve your practices today! Dr. Reynaud presents a full-speed practice with the help of junior volleyball players. See full-court, game speed drills and learn to make the most of your time on the court.

Session 4 - Training with Limited Staff (Anne Kordes)
Coach Kordes discuss ideas for maintaining enthusiasm on your team and getting your team fired up for practice. Learn drills you can use to get your team moving and get them dialed in, even if you have a limited staff.

Session 5 - Defenses and Defensive Actions Off of Specific Attacks (Sarah Drury-Petkovic)
What do you do when your opponent is exploiting your defensive weakness. Coach Kordes shows you how to make adjustments to cover your weaknesses, how to build flexibility into your defensive set ups and how to adjust your defense to your opponent's offensive strengths.

Session 6 - Blocking Technique and Transition Work for Your Middle Blocker (Kyle Walton)
Learn techniques to improve blocking, techniques for accelerating the transition attack and exercises to transition from blocking to hitting.

Session 7 - Changing Bad Habits (Anne Kordes)
Designed for coaches of all levels, Coach Kordes addresses potential problem areas in serving, setting, passing, and attacking. Kordes clearly explains methods of making corrections, breaking each skill down thoroughly, as well as the importance of using proper technique on the court. Her light-hearted and conversational style makes the video very enjoyable to watch.

315 minutes (3 DVDs). 2011.

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