2011 National Distance Running Summit

2011 National Distance Running Summit
2011 National Distance Running Summit
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Product Description

  • Four master coaches deliver over 14 hours of distance running instruction
  • High-level learning on team psychology, heart rate training, blood chemistry, running technique and more!
  • In addition, you will see exciting sessions on middle distance, cross country and marathon running
featuring Will Freeman, Dr. Joe Vigil and Bill Leach

Sit in on one of the nation's top distance running clinics! This is a great opportunity for coaches and athletes alike to learn from four master coaches. This summit features topics such as teaching and critiquing running form and strength, barefoot running strategies, improved running efficiency, shaping team culture, helping your team to deal with adversity, and effective cross country and marathon training.

It's all here!

Includes 10 world class sessions, plus two informative roundtable discussions!

  • Iron and the Blood Chemistry of the Distance Runner, Dr. Joe Vigil
  • Using the Pyramid Model Successful Distance Training, Will Freeman
  • The Mechanics of Running: How to Improve Efficiency, Bill Leach
  • Training for Success in the Middle Distances, Dr. Joe Vigil
  • The Path to Greatness: What it Takes to Be Your Best, Will Freeman
  • Cross Country Development, Dr. Joe Vigil
  • A Different Look at Sports Psychology with Runners, Will Freeman
  • Technical Tools for the Coach of Runners, Bill Leach
  • Building a Team in Cross Country, Will Freeman
  • Training for the Marathon, Dr. Joe Vigil
  • Includes two roundtable discussions with all speakers
834 minutes (8 DVDs). 2011.

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