20 Drills to Build a Better Outfielder

20 Drills to Build a Better Outfielder
20 Drills to Build a Better Outfielder
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Product Description

  • Learn how the field groundballs, catch pop flies, and throw with backspin
  • 20 drills to become fundamentally sound in the outfield
  • Techniques and drills to master special situations
with Tom Riginos,
Winthrop University Head Coach;
former Clemson University Associate Head Baseball Coach;
former Stetson University, Assistant Baseball Coach

Coach Tom Riginos highlights more than 20 baseball drills that will keep your outfielders performing at their best! Coach Riginos' throwing drills series will help your outfielders increase the back spin on the ball which will give their throws more carry and create a better hop for the cut-off man. Learn ground ball and pop fly drills and techniques that can be used every day in practice. Riginos also includes drills for working on special situations such as hitting the cut-off man, communication, playing the sun, and playing the ball off the wall. This baseball DVD is a staple for your coaching library.

46 minutes. 2002.

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