20 Drills for Creating Versatile Tennis Players

20 Drills for Creating Versatile Tennis Players
20 Drills for Creating Versatile Tennis Players
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Product Description

  • Teach your team to become more creative and quicker on any court surface
  • Understand the importance of allowing your players to feel comfortable and become resourceful on the court
  • Learn specific drills that will help change the mood of your player and keep them in top form on the court during practice
with Renata Marcinkowska,
Tennis Pro & Instructor;
2x All American at Oklahoma State University

Join world renowned tennis professional Renata Marcinkowska for a look new drills to keep your practices fresh and your creative juices flowing.

Marcinkowska shows you a unique warm up to get your players focused and having fun while developing racket control.

She demonstrates more than 20 drills to help your players become resourceful on the tennis court. These drills help promote the use of different grips, controlling the angle of the racket head, increasing the velocity on your strokes, improving footwork, building a "delayed passing" mentality, and much more.

In addition, you will see the importance of generating different types of spin on the ball during your practice sessions and the fundamental swing movements to create them.

You'll also discover how "branding" can become a great asset to a player's repertoire during a long match.

Give your players the opportunity to grow their game by improving their creativity on the court.

56 minutes. 2011.

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