16 Speed and Power Drills for Sprints

16 Speed and Power Drills for Sprints
16 Speed and Power Drills for Sprints
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Product Description

  • Well balanced drill approach for faster sprints
  • 4-Phase seasonal sprint training approach
  • Develop strength and explosiveness in your sprinter
with Lance Brauman,
former University of Arkansas Sprint and Hurdles Coach

In this instructional DVD, Lance Brauman shares his thoughts on developing speed and power for sprinters. The first phase focuses on Olympic Lifts for sprinters. Lifts include the High Pull, Hang Clean, Full Clean, Hang Snatch, and Snatch from the Floor. Staying in the weight room, Coach Brauman demonstrates the exercises that make up "Explosive Training." Moving to the indoor track, Brauman uses athletes to illustrate his speed and power drills. Here, Brauman covers a number of bounding drills - a key element to training sprinters. The fourth segment in Brauman's training program is hurdle mobilities. This well balanced workout will challenge sprinters and enhance their preparation. Speed and power training is the edge needed by sprinters at all levels, and this Track & Field DVD opens the door for you.

28 minutes. 2006.

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