15 Passes from the Rocket Sweep

15 Passes from the Rocket Sweep
15 Passes from the Rocket Sweep
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with Dennis Diericx;
Rockton-Hononegah (IL) HS Offensive Coordinator;
former Beloit College Offensive Coordinator;
member of the IHSFCA Hall of Fame (2008)

This DVD deals with passing plays from the Rocket Sweep set. Because the Rocket is a potent offensive weapon, the pass options from the Rocket become more difficult to defend. Coach Diericx begins with the Rocket Waggle pass, which is a great run/pass option and an effective motion key breaker. The next pattern, Rocket Belly Choice, is an all-purpose play that produces great "run after catch yardage." Against Cover 2 defense, Diericx diagrams the "Cover 2 beater." The Rocket Belly Fade pattern relies on the wingback to run an inside/out fade route, splitting the corner and the safety. Diericx diagrams the Rocket Belly Out pattern against a Cover 3 team. A Variation is the Rocket Belly Keep pass. In the same set against the cover 2, the Smash route is demonstrated. A fullback screen play, the Rocket Screen, can be run from the left hash. The three step game shows Rocket Action to the right, quick pass to the left. The Rocket Dash pass shows Rocket action to the wide side and matches the split end with the corner. The Rocket hitch screen is another quick pass play. This passing offense is a great complement to the dangerous Rocket Sweep running attack. These 15 pass patterns will keep the defensive guessing from end zone to end zone!

60 minutes. 2006.

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