12 Quick Hitters for the Flex Offense

12 Quick Hitters for the Flex Offense
12 Quick Hitters for the Flex Offense
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with Leon Rice, Boise State Head Basketball Coach;
2015 Mountain West Conference Co-Champions, 2015 Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year;
former Gonzaga assistant coach

Introduction by Mark Few, Gonzaga University Head Coach

In this video, the Gonzaga staff presents 12 quick hitting plays designed to get your best player a good shot within the flex offense rotation. Each of the 12 plays are demonstrated on the court with actual players - instruction and coaching points go along with each play. All 12 of the plays have multiple options and counters for all five players on the court. Some of the options include post ups, 3 point opportunities, backdoors and lob plays for your team in the flex. This video is packed with quick scoring opportunities.

40 minutes. 2003.

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