1-3-1 Ultimate Morphing Zone Defense

1-3-1 Ultimate Morphing Zone Defense
1-3-1 Ultimate Morphing Zone Defense
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Product Description

Discover a multi-dimensional defensive weapon that will confuse and disrupt your opponent's offense.
  • Learn how to shift out of the 1-3-1 zone and into a different defense in the middle of a possession
  • Take away your opponent's best shooter or great point guard
  • Tweak the 1-3-1 zone to guard sideline out-of-bounds plays and for use in late game/quarter situations

with Kermit Davis,
Ole Miss Head Coach;
2019 SEC Coach of the Year;
former Middle Tennessee State University Head Men's Basketball Coach;
2017 Conference USA Tournament and Regular Season Champions;
led his teams to six conference championship titles in eight years (three Conference USA and three Sun Belt titles);
2017 Conference USA Coach of the Year (sixth overall Coach of the Year honor, including back-to-back Sun Belt Conference Coach of the Year awards in 2012-13)

Kermit Davis, all-time winningest coach at Middle Tennessee State University, has a knack for the defensive end of the floor. He has created the ultimate "morphing" zone defensive package that creates deflections, causes turnovers, and creates better offensive advantages for your team. This 1-3-1 zone package has helped the Raiders win four championships over the last six years (2010-15).

In a live practice setting, you'll get the opportunity to watch as Coach Davis installs the ultimate 1-3-1 zone defense with a young team that is just learning the basics. You'll learn the rules to the offense and how it can be adjusted to cover talented shooters or to shift into a different defense mid-possession.

1-3-1 Defense

Beginning with whiteboard diagrams, Coach Davis draws up the basic set-up for the 1-3-1 zone. You will learn the roles and rotations of each player, in addition to the technique that must be emphasized to disrupt passing lanes and shut down dribble penetration.

By utilizing your most athletic players, Coach Davis teaches you how to force the ball out and away from the basket. This creates traps early in the possession along with deflections, leading to easy buckets in transition. As the ball is rotated around the perimeter, Coach Davis outlines how players can use their long athletic ability to force lob passes from one corner to the next.

Switching from 1-3-1 to a 2-3 Zone

As the ball is rotated to the baseline, the ultimate 1-3-1 zone defense changes into an aggressive 2-3. This is a great way to confuse an opponent and steal valuable time from their possession. Coach Davis demonstrates how to take your athletic forward and move them to the block while your wings put pressure on the ball. You'll also learn how to disguise your top players and make your opponent think there's no opening so they'll reverse the ball back up top.

1-3-1 Zone vs Special Situations

You'll see how the 1-3-1 can be used in special situations to your advantage. Coach Davis demonstrates how to run the 1-3-1 versus sideline inbound situations to completely disrupt your opponent's plays and challenge them to get the ball in. You will also learn how to pressure a team with the 1-3-1 by constantly trapping the ball in situations when your opponent wants to take the last shot.

Let Coach Davis teach you how to take advantage of this 1-3-1 defensive system so you can disrupt the rhythm of your opponent and create offense for your team by forcing turnovers!

64 minutes. 2016.

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