1-3-1 Half Court Pressure Defense

1-3-1 Half Court Pressure Defense
1-3-1 Half Court Pressure Defense
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  • Learn when to spring your half court press to keep your opponents on their heels and change the pace of the game
  • Learn how to handle cutters that can disrupt the pressure
  • Get a variety of drills to teach the key concepts of this defense
  • Gain a mental advantage over your opponent on defense
with Jim Goorman,
Western Michigan Christian (MI) High School; over 500 Career Wins,
5x State Champion (including three in a row 2008-10), 2x Michigan Coach of the Year; Founding member of the American Youth Basketball Tour

Install this high pressure, half-court defense to take your opponent by surprise and to establish the tempo that you want to play.

Coaching legend Jim Goorman's highly regarded half court pressure defense has been a staple in five state championships and over 500 victories. Using on court player instruction, Coach Goorman takes you through a detailed look at the 1-3-1 half court press and the 1-3-1 half court trap base defense.

Every aspect is covered, from the traits needed for specific players, to the importance of taking proper angles to the ball, fake steps, intercepting position, and even the negatives that may result from this system that every coach will have to live with. You'll also see his non-pressing 1-3-1 defense and both the rotation and trapping responsibilities involved.

Half Court 1-3-1 Defensive Pressure
Coach Goorman begins by discussing his philosophy on changing tempo, on surprising opponents by changing your defense, and the best times in a game to apply pressure and shrink the court. Goorman maps out player positioning and rotations on the court, with detailed explanation as to why he likes size up front and speed both on the wings and in the back of the zone.

Up-the-line / on-the-line is discussed, as a means to how to defend passing lanes. Goorman stresses patience on the trap, outlines the goal of the press and designates the best trapping locations on the floor. Goorman shows you the defensive counters needed to overcome the common offensive sets used to break the 1-3-1.

Defensive Set-Up After the Press is Broken
Certain teams will have measures in place to consistently break the press. In this case, Goorman shows how to maintain the 1-3-1 responsibilities, but introduces the corner-trap to consistently apply pressure and make the offense uncomfortable. You'll also learn what to do when rebounding out of the pressure defense, which is one of the weaker points of the defense.

Goorman ends with bonus, 2 quick-hitting offensive plays designed to catch the defense off balance.

The need to change and control tempo is necessary to keep your opponent off balance. The ability to switch to a half court 1-3-1 press or a trapping 1-3-1 half court defense will disrupt your opponent's offensive rhythm and force them into executing game actions that they haven't fully prepared for.

The trapping press can be used to slow down a team that wants to primarily fast break, and the trapping half court defense can be used to speed up a team that normally runs efficient offensive sets. Knowing when to make the switch and understand the opponent's tendencies and predictable responses are essential to managing the game. If you have ever dreamed about pressuring your opponents to get those easy buckets, order now and learn half court zone pressure from the best.

51 minutes. 2012.

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