'Tough Time' Drills: Neutral Position

'Tough Time' Drills: Neutral Position
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Learn drills that will enable athletes to improve their attack and defense speeds!

  • Features six groups of drills to get better on your feet
  • Learn several drills that improve flexibility in several positions where many athletes have to bail due to poor positional maintenance
  • Get drills to master the penetration step

with Troy Nickerson,
Northern Colorado University Head Coach;
former Iowa State University Assistant Coach;
NCAA D1 National Champion and 4x All-American at Cornell University;
the first 5x state champion in New York

Does your team need to be better on their feet? If you need more takedowns, this video has what you need! You will learn a drill series to get your wrestlers better on their feet from four-time All-American Troy Nickerson, who teaches ways to score from shots as well as defensive scoring to make your wrestlers complete threats on the mat.

Coach Nickerson brings his coaching techniques into your room, beginning with the basics of stance and motion and progressively moving to his finishing drills. Learn how and when to use each of these drills to improve wrestler performance. Nickerson has designed these progressions to grow athletes from a very raw and basic level, to the highest level of competitors.

Footwork Drills: Speed, Balance, and Flexibility

Any wrestler that is great on their feet uses stance and motion to improve their skills. Coach Nickerson demonstrates drills to get hands and feet moving together to improve attack and defense speeds. These drills cover:

  • Stance and Motion - Learn how to move hands and feet together, plus how to develop solid level changes, down blocks, cross blocks, head blocks and knee drops.
  • Foot Speed - Develop the speed needed to get to the leg and defend. Master the over and back, side to side, and leg switches.

    Flexibility and Balance - Increase hip and leg flexibility by mastering single leg finish stretches and back step drills.

Learn How To Drill Control Ties

Nickerson covers a few different drills on positioning that allow wrestlers to have a higher success rate on their shots. He demonstrates drills for gaining and getting out of underhooks, collar ties, and 2-on-1 ties. Using the climbing drill, wrestlers will learn how to work up to a proper tie without providing a chance for their opponent to score.

This video allows you to build wrestlers from beginners to beast with simple drills that everyone can do. If you want to get better on your feet, Coach Nickerson can help get you there!

57 minutes. 2018.

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