"Pitch & Catch" - Quick Passing Game for All Levels

"Pitch & Catch" - Quick Passing Game for All Levels
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Product Description

Play "pitch and catch" up and down the field with this efficient and versatile passing scheme!

  • Implement efficient short yardage passes to pick up more first downs
  • Learn how to run simple quick passing concepts using 2x2, 3x1, and some motion
  • Teach your quarterback to make pre-snap reads and your receivers to make route adjustments based on coverage

with Jason Woodman,
Fairmont State University Head Coach;
led Fairmont State to the 2016 NCAA DII Playoffs

Gain yards anywhere on the field!

Today's offenses are 'fine-tuned machines' ready to exploit the built-in holes of modern defenses. Jason Woodman has, over the course of five seasons, built a high-scoring program that is deadly in the passing game. However, the quick passing game specifically has allowed his team to confidently move the ball on any down and against any opponent.

In this video, Coach Woodman teaches you how to execute three main quick passing concepts: Fade/Out, Slant/Hitch, & Vertical/Under. Each combo is explained in detail, complete with essential QB reads through defense recognition.

Once a team can anticipate the defense's reaction, with enough practice, the offense can never be wrong. With tons of footage from competitive games, you'll learn Coach Woodman's "keys to success," including:

  • Keys to reps and timing
  • Keys to QB footwork
  • Keys to pre-snap reads
  • Lineman reads
  • Safety reads
  • Route running to defensive weak spots

The Fade/Out Concept

Woodman diagrams the fade/out concept against a basic single high safety defense and against a basic two high safety defense. He shows several examples of the concept in action using game footage to illustrate coaching points:

  • Learn the receiver mechanics of running the route with emphasis on adjusting to the leverage and demeanor of the defensive players.
  • Learn the quarterback's read progression and how to educate the quarterback to anticipate the reads by the pre-snap look given by the defense.

The Hitch/Slant Concept

Coach Woodman demonstrates how this concept is effective against a variety of defensive coverages, and how the routes can be adjusted by the receivers post-snap to give the offense the advantage no matter what leverage the defenders play against them.

The Vertical/Under Concept

See how the Vertical/Under concept is truly a coverage reading play and can be effective against two high safety coverages. Woodman uses game footage to illustrate various coaching points that are necessary to learn and run this concept.

What you'll quickly gain from watching this video is how well this kind of offense keeps defenses "honest." The pressure to stop the quick passing will have defenses literally on their heels as they attempt to react to rapid fire passes that gain 5 to 10 yards every completion.

62 minutes. 2018.

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