"Heroes" Volleyball: Growing the Game in Grade School

"Heroes" Volleyball: Growing the Game in Grade School
"Heroes" Volleyball: Growing the Game in Grade School
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Product Description

  • Learn how to get kids interested in volleyball at a young age
  • Discover how to create a lesson plan for youth volleyball players
  • Learn games that introduce volleyball skills - great for PE teachers and club coordinators
with James Sneddon,
Volleyball Canada, Calgary, Alberta

How do we get kids to play volleyball and how do we convince them to play volleyball instead of other sports?

James Sneddon introduces Canada's approach to teaching youth volleyball. "Heroes Volleyball" promotes physical literacy by teaching volleyball movement patterns, reading/anticipation and tactical thinking to a very early age. This proven and effective approach captures young players' interest and gets them interested in volleyball over other sports.

Coach Sneddon uses sample lesson plans to demonstrate how to run a program for players in grades 1-7 while progressing towards more volleyball-type activities. By using a game-skill-game strategy, he teaches volleyball through understanding. Young players will get a feel for the game while engaging in activities designed to help them succeed. Coach Sneddon's lesson plans introduce important, basic concepts like ready position, movement, reading and movements such as balance, agility, and quickness.

The games introduced in the video use different volleyball skills to progress to a level where youngsters can compete against each other. The games are broken down into levels that are appropriate for grades, 1, 2, 3 and 4-7. The program has a proven and impressive track record: In Holland 20,000 kids joined club volleyball because they were introduced to a program like this when they were younger. Kids really get hooked early, which, in turn, grows both the game and programs.

This video will help programs create an interest in volleyball at a much younger age, giving athletes a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the game by the time they reach the high school level. Soccer and basketball have used this approach for a long, long time. Now it's volleyball's turn!

Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

51 minutes. 2014.

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